Our Mission is to prepare all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners and socially responsible contributors to our global community.

Executive Board List

Co-President - 2nd yearMichele Carey
Co-President - 1st yearDorie
VP - Fundraising (2nd year)Melissa Liguori
VP - Fundraising (1st year)Amie Peck
VP - Community (2nd year)Kim Shapiro
VP - Community (1st year)Erin Berk
VP - VolunteersKimberly Paris
4th Co-VP - Grade Level Events (8th parent) - 2nd Year Rachel Francis
4th Co-VP - Grade Level Events (7th parent) - 1st Year Melissa Birns
4th Co-VP - Grade Level Events (incoming/6th)Jen Dennison
Secretary/1st ParliamentarianDenise Michalowski
Communication SecretaryNONENONENONE
1st Treasurer (2nd year)Monika Lazaro Fitch
Assistant Treasurer (1st year)
Grants AdministratorChristie Belknap
Past President/2nd ParlimentarianDina Phelps
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