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Karen Mccormick

Titles: Theater/Drama Teacher
Departments: Theatre
Phone Numbers:
School: 203-341-1568



The study of drama and presentation skills is an integral part of a students' middle school experience in Westport. Each year, the curriculum builds upon the dramatic and presentation experiences the student has had in previous years. As the materials and techniques become more familiar the work can become more mature.

Drama is both an intellectual discipline and an aesthetic pursuit. Experiences that help the student master this discipline will also serve to strengthen other academic areas. A broad experience with a variety of presentation styles is necessary to enable students to make informed dramatic and presentation decisions.

The program teaches basic drama and presentation skills, while fostering greater comfort when standing before small and large groups.

As a result of presentation and drama education in grades 6-8, students will:

  • evaluate and analyze the contributions of self and others within the dramatic context.
  • trust themselves and others in order to express and reflect on thoughts, feelings, and beliefs
  • take risks within a dramatic context
  • express themselves through active engagement in drama

Specific dramatic and presentation skills learned throughout the program include:

Vocal Skills:

  • projection, articulation, breath control, inflection and expressiveness, clarity


Physical Skills:

  • relaxed posture, body alignment, control of isolated body parts, eye contact, facial expressiveness, planted feet, strong gestures

Additional Skills:

  • self-confidence, stage comfort, self-composure, character development, analysis of individual and group work


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