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Team Parent Meeting Notes

Team newsletters provide parents an overview of what has been going on for their children at Bedford. For more information, please contact your child's Team Leader. To view or download the newsletters, just click on the appropriate grade level's newsletter.

Grade 6 Administrator: Assistant Principal Colleen Banick


  • Grade 6 Teams
    • Purple 6 (Team Leader April Harvey, Math)
    • Green 6 (Team Leader Michael LaTorre, Science)
    • Red 6 (Team Leader Liz Smith, Science)


  • First Grade 6 Newsletter
  • Second Grade 6 Newsletter
  • Third Grade 6 Newsletter

Grade 7 Administrator:
Assistant Principal Jacquelyn Mellin


  • Grade 7 Teams
    • Purple 7 (Team Leader Kristina Rodriguez, Language Arts)
    • Green 7 (Team Leader Andrew Zold, Social Studies)
    • Red 7 (Team Leader Emily Eltrich, Language Arts)


  • First Grade 7 Newsletter
  • Second Grade 7 Newsletter
  • Third Grade 7 Newsletter

Grade 8 Administrator:
Principal Dr. Adam Rosen


  • Grade 8 Teams
    • Purple 8 (Team Leader Kevin Cuccaro, Math)
    • Green 8 (Team Leader Caroline Davis, Social Studies)
    • Red 8 (Team Leader Colleen Rondon, Science)


  • First Grade 8 Newsletter
  • Second Grade 8 Newsletter
  • Third Grade 8 Newsletter

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Recent News

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BMS enjoyed a positive and, despite a temporary facilities setback and tropical storm, a very smooth opening week back at school. Thank you parents and guardians for sending us exceptionally well-prepared students. This week, our students upheld their responsibilities regarding active learning and also health, hygiene and safety practices. It is evident that our school community has joined together to make the complex task of schooling at Bedford work well in the best interest of our students and school community. Please see the full newsletter for scenes from BMS, Back-to-School Night, and other important information and notices.

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